Best CBSE school in Pune

Rated as the Best School in the category of Emerging CBSE Schools by The Times Groupand CBSE affiliated, The Lexicon Schools boast of deep value based education and its inclination towards a child centric learning environment.


The Lexicon Schools are one of the most trusted name in quality education, which is renowned its progressive learning approach and commitment to excellence. The unique curriculum followed here has been recognized and awarded by the BBC Knowledge Group. We have always thrived into a multidisciplinary establishment, be it sports curricular or co-curricular activities. Our schools offer a wide range of growth and development to each and every student offering various amenities to impart varied expertise to keep tempo with the world. We are proud of being a good CBSE school which offers courses that focus on holistic development of students by cultivating their unique talents. Parents and teachers come together to design the students career growth.


Lexicon Schools follow a wide range of educational activities based on the Principles of Blooms Taxonomy and Howard Gardener's Theory of Multiple Intelligences. This is one of the differentiating factors of our schools making us the top CBSE Schools in Pune. Innovation is experienced right from the initial stages. Our schools lay a lot of importance in preparing the students for the future by taking into consideration some of the established principles of self management, through Stephen R Covey’s Seven Habits right from the Elementary Level, special assemblies are designed based on these 7 habits .


We aim to develop mental, intellectual and aesthetic faculties of the child through a host of curricular and co-curricular activities, foster team spirit and environmental consciousness which exhibit Multidisciplinary Learning levels through Multiple Intelligences and Blooms Taxonomy. This ensures an enriched and equal emphasis on proficiency of learners in acquisition of life skills, attitudes and values. Jolly Phonics is introduced at the elementary to strengthen and enhance the pronunciation, speaking and reading experience of the children.Thus the schools are good schools in Pune


Reinforcement of concepts through use of Thinker Keys and Graphic organizers makes the learning innovative, easy and interesting. A teaching staff of well Qualified, Experienced and Enthusiastic Teachers provide their unflinching support and guidance to the students.


The finest confidence building exercises are witnessed at the Lexicon schools through C2B(Caterpillar to Butterfly),the Research & Development activities and the opportunity offered to our children to be a part of Collaborative learning experiences with schools abroad. Children here are also engaged in various clubs such as Reading Club, Heritage Club, Integrity Club etc. to enhance their learning experience at various forums & platforms.SPA (Sports and Performing Arts) Activities help the students to be much more physically and creatively aligned to the challenges that lie ahead.


A monthly e-magazine, “Buzz” is mailed to parents informing them about the status of different activities conducted at school. A “Weekly Report” is sent to the Parents, where information is provide about every subject and topic covered during the week as well as homework given. RSQM (Reading Spelling & Quick Math) is drilled right from grass root level. Special assemblies and Innovative assemblies are a regular feature in the school. Not only this, the school believes in doing SEWA with the idea of giving back something to the society.


Various activities and celebrations like Grand Parents day, Pet Day, Water Conservation drive etc. are conducted in which children are instilled with feelings of empathy and sympathy towards the society. Lexicon, being secular schools, celebrate all the festivals with our children and parents imbibing good values at a good CBSE School. .


In a very short time span of 10 years, Lexicon stands out as one of the pioneers of change, where learning is a pleasure. Each time you see the students you are impressed with their happiness and fulfillment which is so self-evident. They are learning as well as benefitting from their engagement with the faculty. With the Infra-Structure so strong and expanding, Lexicon Schools are a vibrant window into tomorrow.