Celebrating the 70th Republic Day of India- A Salute to Our Nation

“Freedom in our Minds,

Faith in our Words,

Pride in Our Hearts,

Memories in Our Souls.

Let’s salute the Nation on this Republic Day.”

Since its adoption back in July 1947 in the wake of our country’s Independence from British Raj, The Tricolour National Flag of India has evoked a deep sense of patriotism and integrity in the heart of every Indian, reflecting the hopes and inspirations enshrined in our constitution. Whether it is the 26th of January or the 15th of August, our flag is proudly hoisted with immense pride and integrity every year. Our country has gone through a lot of trials and tribulations, crises and contingencies, afflictions and adversities, to finally become a Republic Nation. Republic Day is marked with a lot of importance in all Indian calendars, as the 26th of January brings about a renewed sense of patriotism in the hearts of all those who call themselves Indian. Today, Republic Day, is a commemoration of our identity of being a citizen of this great nation, and professing one’s pride in being truly unique. Ours is truly a nation, where every citizen consistently aspires to be true to his/her own worth and dignity. 
Yet somehow, for us Indians, Republic Day is not merely a day enriched by the constitution, but a day that has overall come to reflect the strength, talent and skill of Indians as a whole. The Republic Day parade on the morning of the 26th of January brings together the people of all our diverse communities to display their culture, art and traditional prowess. It is a day where all of India sees people of different states come together not in competition, but in unity. Not only does the day extol the essence of democracy and secularism of our country, it also celebrates the quintessential and diverse culture that makes up the very core of India in all its vitality. The rhythmic parade in perfect sync with the beats of the drum evokes a sense of patriotism, uniting all its citizens, despite all its diversity in culture, customs, languages, religions, social norms and traditions. 

We have grown up being imbibing the values of Republic Day at home and in school. Seven decades later, educational institutions and families continue the tradition of inculcating the significance of Republic Day in the young minds of our nation. Even at The Lexicon Schools, Pune, students take part in a plethora of activities and events commemorating the day when our country became a Republic, depicting its kaleidoscopic array of cultural diversity. The Lexicon Schools celebrate the day with great zeal hoisting the tri-colour flag and putting up patriotic performances. 

But amidst all the national celebrations and events, the question that somewhere lurks at the back of our mind, is are we truly upholding the day and its integrity to realise its true meaning? Is Republic Day for us, truly a day to pay tribute to the courageous souls and indomitable personalities who nurtured a dream of having a “free and democratic India” in its true sense of the term? Or has its value been merely relegated to the background to be overpowered by the feeling of enjoying it as a day off from the busy schedule of our otherwise hectic life? 

Indubitably, the fast-paced life we live today has compelled us to be place great importance to the "rat-race" that we have all become a part of. Sometimes, in the midst of all the rush to the top position, we often become oblivious to the very values that we have grown up with. However, Republic Day is a day to remind us, year after year, that calling ourselves proud Indians for a mere 2 days a year is not enough to thank the tradition we have been blessed with, and that we are defined by being Indians before everything else. It is that time when we awaken our souls to the deep national integrity and solidarity that makes us “Indians”- a feeling that lies in the deepest core of every citizen of the nation. 

Let us never forget to feel blessed to be a citizen of this great nation, where we have been privileged to attain an identity, and celebrate our uniqueness in this diverse amalgamation of cultures, traditions, and a rich history. 

The Lexicon Group of Institutes wishes you all a very Happy Republic Day!

May our Tricolor Flag always fly high in the sky, and may we be able to make our nation proud in the world!