The Lexicon Schools' Annual Concert: A Celebration of Smiles

A smile, an everlasting expression of happiness and contentment is a blessing each one of us deserves, yet has to work for. It is the simplest of human emotions, yet is one that defines our well being. The way a child smiles for his/her mother, the way a friend smiles to another, depicts how humans are bonded to one another in levels more than one. A smile is not only an outward expression, but it is also one that makes us inwardly happy. 
The beginning of the twenty-first century has marked a plethora of changes. What earlier marked the horizons of education have now broadened to include wider vistas, not only of personal development but that of society as well. Youngsters today are an outburst of enthusiasm, brilliance, ideas and most importantly a positive outlook. Their only is belief is ‘NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE’, the consequence of which is that they have established breathtaking records in the various fields. 

Most importantly, they now represent the changing society and are on the endeavour to generate smiles. These young minds are looking for various ways to establish their own identity in the world with the aim of helping others. They are not only concerned about individual development, but also the progress of the world as a whole. These young adults act as ideals to the younger ones and at the same time act as a huge support system to their elders. They believe in tackling major issues and changing the world for the good. Having this quality deeply ingrained in them since childhood, the Lexiconites too, take up responsibilities with aplomb, fulfilling their duties towards the society to the best of their capacities. With their exuberance and freshness, Lexiconites endow the elderly in Old Age homes the energy to start life anew. By acting as ideals to the younger deprived lot, they have set a benchmark and hence, induced healthy competition which is very important for the overall growth of the society.

No wonder the same theme invigorates the spirit and soul of The Lexicon Schools' Annual Concert this year. If there is one thing that a family wants to preserve for its posterity, is the fact that they ensure their children’s smiles. Generation of smiles, as is the theme chosen by The Lexicon Schools, for its Annual Concert this year, implies just the same. 
Students and teachers in a collaborative effort have intensively worked around the above theme, contemplating on innovative ideas and coming up with concepts as unique as them. 

The tiny tots of Preprimary and Grades 1 and 2 are playing around the theme of fairies, showing how the magic of love can take humanity to a whole new level, and in turn spreading smiles far and wide. The acts of dance and fairy tale stories brought to life by the little ones are truly heart touching. 
The students of class 3 will be coming up with another interesting theme with our all-time favourite Nemo in search of real happiness which he seeks outside his sea world, while Class 4 interestingly comes up with the idea of how our Incredible India is in no way less than any other part of the world. They showcase how the experiences our country have to offer enough to bring a smile on the face of a man, woman or child from any part of the world.
Students of classes 5 and 6 will take audiences on a thriller ride with an adventure story; a story of 4 thieves and how their escape from jail and experiences with real humans of the world changes their hearts bringing a smile not only to them, but also on faces of the people in their surroundings. 

Lexiconites of Classes 7 and 8 are all set to showcase the contribution of great personalities such as Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi and others committed to bringing smiles in the world around them. 

These young minds are trying their level best to make the world a beautiful and peaceful place for all. For example, Malala Yousufzai is the youngest recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize at the age of seventeen, for her relentless efforts for the rights of minors even after being shot by a terrorist group. This shows us that this generation does not believe in limits and have hard work as their weapon. In all, the programme will be a reminder for all, as to how a smile a day is immensely important and what the real worth of a smile is.

As the popular saying goes, "Only a smile has the power to turn a dark world upside down, only a smile has the power to disregard a frown.”