Annual Concert: Planning, Prepping, Panicking

The annual concert day is a very important day for all schools. The students get a chance to display their talents in front of a huge audience, and the annual concert is actually one of the most eagerly awaited events at The Lexicon School. Great excitement and enthusiasm prevail all around. Especially, the participants are the most elated and excited of all. An annual day is an event that exhibits the outcome of many number of hours, efforts and preparations of the participants as well as the teachers' involvement and contribution. Even those who are not actively involved are excited to have a study free day, filled with fun, frolic and amusement.

The preparations of the annual day begin much ahead of the day itself. The school gets a complete face-lift as each and every place is thoroughly cleaned and properly decorated.  In our school, the annual day is celebrated within the premises of the school with a wooden stage put up for the annual concert. The venue is decorated with write-ups, quotes, balloons, banners and lights. The sound systems, the microphones, the displays, the curtains, the PPT presentations etc are also given a final check. There are also some food stalls put up to uplift the taste buds of the audience. This was a glimpse of the preparations on the previous day before the annual concert. But, to showcase the talents of the children on the stage, it first needs to be nurtured in a correct manner. This is of course done by our lovely teachers who put in a lot of effort and hardship to make this day a grand success. 

It all starts with the planning and prepping process. The topics are chosen, scripts are written, and songs and dances are planned and rehearsed. The costumes for the various presentations are chosen and ordered. Some costumes are hired and some are stitched. The props are also planned and designed by the teachers and children. The props are either hired or made by the teachers and the students, sometimes old props are recycled to make new ones. Badges are prepared for the participants, non-participants, volunteers etc. Special time slots are given for the regular practice of the event and even a special time table is followed so that the students do not miss out on their studies. These preparations include regular practice sessions of the programme to be staged on the appointed day. Long rehearsals are conducted to bring perfection to the students participating in the dance, drama, and music programmes. Another important feature of this preparation includes the proper rehearsals of the event along with the speeches to be delivered by the Chief Guest, the members of the Management, the Principal, the Head Boy/Head Girl and other dignitaries. The sequence of programmes and the fillers etc. are also given serious scrutiny. The entrance and exits, the duties of the volunteers and non-participants are also rehearsed. The teachers are also allotted specific duties to look after specific zones. The entry passes for the event are printed and distributed for the convenience of the parents. 

As far as panicking is concerned, one should not panic if well prepared. However, panicking is natural in such circumstances where a huge audience is present. All the people involved in the concert panic about various things. Some worry about the stage, some about the costumes and make up, others worry about time management, sequencing, entry, exits, sounds, lights etc. The long-awaited day, finally, arrives and everyone seems to be immensely busy and engrossed in their jobs and duties, rushing here and there for one reason or the other. All including the Principal, the supervisors, teachers and the participants in the cultural programme seem greatly excited and worried at the same time. Those who are supposed to come on the stage tremble with nerves. The rest of the students and volunteers help to arrange the stage and look forward to a day of merriment.

With the arrival of the honorable Chief Guest, the school band springs into tune. Our honorable Chief Guest, Chairman Sir, Shri S. D. Sharma, is escorted by a reception committee, including the members of the managing committee, the Principal, the teachers and students. To start with, the Principal delivers a speech, in which she first welcomes the chief guest followed by her address to the rest of the audience. The chief guest is requested to also share a few words, which is then followed by the Head Boy/Girl’s speech. The programme begins after the speeches have been delivered. A PPT showing the achievements of the school is then presented. Songs are sung by the students, the dances and dramas are presented and one can see the hard work of the students put in during the rehearsals to attain this beautiful performance. The function ends with a vote of thanks to all the guests, dignitaries and the parents for sparing their valuable time to attend our annual day programme. The event concludes with the singing our the national anthem. 

It is the applause and the appreciation received at the end of the show, which gears us up again to do this year after year, and continue putting up a good show for our audience.