How Lexiconites Spent Their Diwali Break

Diwali is the festival of lights, which is a celebration of the victory of light over darkness and good over evil  The festival is celebrated by lighting lamps everywhere at homes, streets, shops, temples, markets, etc. All of us wait very eagerly for this special festival of Diwali. It is the favourite festival of everyone, especially for children. People illuminate their entire homes with diyas as a part of Diwali celebration. 

Diwali is a much-awaited festival for students. At The Lexicon Schools, Diwali starts with the Diwali Mela. The whole day was spent by students and parents moving from stall to stall, playing games, savouring the taste of sweets and snacks,  ice cream and enjoying many more fun activities. Students were also eager to start their annual Diwali vacation. The half-yearly examination had just gotten over and everyone was in a mood to relax for an extended period. We all looked forward to a fun-filled vacation ahead.

Many students went on holidays to many tourist destinations and had great fun. The students were given holiday homework, which was mostly based on interesting activities and projects. Alongside the celebrations and fun, all the students were also busy helping their parents cleaning the houses and making rangolis and diyas as a part of the Diwali ritual. 

The students of The Lexicon Schools also engaged themselves by doing a series of social work and related activities during the Diwali vacations. Many students visited various orphanages such as the SOS Children’s Village Pune and Royal Rose Foundation, where the students spent a day with the orphans and also donated their toys and clothes to spread the holiday cheer with joy and happiness. Many of us also visited areas, where we busied ourselves by planting trees to conserve the environment.

Some of our Lexicon students also organized cricket matches with the less privileged boys of their locality and shared meals at the end of the matches. They gifted shoes to the players of the winning team and sweets to the other team. This is how we succeeded in bringing about smiles to the faces of so many children and thereby celebrating this great festival in our own way, keeping the flame of humanity shining brighter than ever.

Various Lexiconites also enjoyed their Diwali break with their friends and families and used these holidays in a creative manner to utilize their time constructively. They not only enjoyed the holidays, but also did very diligent revision and studying. 

Exchanging gifts and sweets is the most fun ritual of the Diwali festival. Students visited their neighbours, relatives, and friends and exchanged gifts to strengthen their bonds. Festivals teach us to live in harmony with one another, and by exchanging simple tokens of love, we promote the feeling of brotherhood and unity amid diversity.

As Diwali comes with a lot of firecrackers and pollution, it severely affects the people who are unwell, old, infants, and even animals. For several consecutive years, Lexiconites, as true and responsible Indians, celebrated an eco-friendly Diwali by abandoning crackers and only lighting lamps and greeting our near and dear ones. We also vowed to only purchase our country-made earthen Diyas and not the imported and fancy ones.

This Diwali, we Lexiconites truly imbibed the joy of Diwali by making the most of our break by sharing and spreading love and happiness, and also spent time revising for our upcoming exams.