Utilising Diwali Break to Preliminary Board Examinations

Gone are the days when students had vacations once in a year in order to meet their parents. In ancient times, the Gurukul system controlled the students lives in all aspects. The students were confined in the ashrams and had to follow strict rules and regulations. On the contrary, in modern times, the education system delineates the malleable features i.e. education for the students, of the students and by the students as students are the most valuable part of education.  Hence, each school plans the holidays accordingly for the students, keeping in mind all the positive aspects of these holidays. The one thing that brings a smile to the exhausted faces of the students is undoubtedly the vacations. With no proper agenda, no major task to carry on, and only having ‘me-time’ is the actual essence of a perfect vacation. 

Diwali is one of the most significant festivals in India and everyone loves to celebrate it. As a class 10 student, one must also remember that preliminary exams are approaching and students need to prepare for it as well. The students are free from the monotonous timetables of the classrooms. Though the breaks are there to get rid of all the routineness of regular school and studies, but it is definite, that the breaks are very valuable for the students to prepare themselves for future assessments.

If the Diwali breaks are of 10-12 days, the students must utilize the holidays accordingly. They can plan their lessons, analyze their study methods, work on their strategies etc. They can make the blueprints of their syllabus and prepare themselves for the prelim exams. Many students often ignore the significance of the prelim exams, especially the senior ones. They tend to forget that these exams are the precursors for them to rectify their mistakes and to experience the intricacies of the final exams or so to say the board exams.

The proper implementation of the holiday breaks depends upon the students’ nature. While some of the students find it very fruitful, some of them just take it casually. Students must be aware of the fact that prevention is better than cure. If they are not serious about their studies, then they should be ready for the after effects of the exams, i.e. results, and therefore try to prevent the bad consequences. It is the responsibility of the students to use the Diwali Vacation diligently. 
Preliminary exams are pivotal. These exams are like practice matches as they help the students get the feel of what will happen in the exam. They help the students in assessing themselves and to know their weak areas on which they can work hard.

I can certainly empathise with my peers that studying during Diwali vacations is difficult as there are a lot of distractions. Most of us are usually confused about how to utilize our Diwali vacations to prepare for these exams. 

So here are a few tips.

First of all, if you already have a schedule or a daily timetable and are happy with it, then it is better that you follow it on a daily basis. Otherwise, studying with concentration for 3-4 hours a day is also adequate. 

Also, rather than studying for hours at a stretch, take frequent breaks of 10-15 minutes in between to freshen and refresh your mind. 

Try to focus more on weaker subjects and strengthen yourself at these subjects. However, don’t neglect the easier subjects. Whether the subject is easy or difficult, practice and focus enables us to study well.

Solve previous year’s board papers because they can be a big help. They give us the idea of the difficulty level of the question paper, of how the questions are asked, and the type of answers the examiners expect. The question papers are easily available on the internet, which can be downloaded and solved.

Focus is really important for studying and understanding and applying what we have learnt. Studies suggest that 3 hours of focused study is equal to 6 hours of unfocused study.

Don’t eat a lot of junk food. Stay hydrated and don’t let your body crash. Eat healthy snacks like nuts, raisins, bananas and slow energy releasing food like oats and apples.

Be confident. If you feel stressed, make sure you relax, take some deep breaths or exercise.

Since it is Diwali, do enjoy yourself with family and friends. It is okay to take a break from studying for 2-3 days. This may be the day of Diwali and the next day. 

As they say, life is the greatest journey and everyone is a traveller; learning is a vacation that also requires a vacation. That’s why everyone needs to be free from regular routine jobs. Students should receive ‘me-time’, and they should grab the opportunities to reenergize themselves, however, in a wise way.