Diwali: Has the darkness really been eradicated?

Darkness- a word spread out to infinity truly speaking; to infinite possibilities.

Darkness, in this era, is widespread. The darkness of the deprivation of knowledge; thoughtlessness, insensitiveness, immorality and so many other evils haunt the humankind and bring within darkness unprecedented.

Diwali is the festival of lights. Unleashing a new life, a new beginning with a brightness- that's the best definition for Diwali. Thecolourfull lights, the pure brightness offered by the Diyas, the mouthwatering smell of sweets in the air all awaken the true spirit of Diwali to eradicate all the darkness in the world with the weapon of love and humanity.
Wisdom is the light that guides one to his true purpose in life. A person who hasn’t attained wisdom is still in darkness. But it depends on him if he wants to choose to stay there in the darkness or enlighten himself. It is the choice we make that changes our life into a celebration like Diwali.

One important aspect of wisdom is that it is the result of thinking widely about life and its reality. We need to learn to be thoughtful. Thoughtless actions always result in problems. The darkness of the heart is mostly due to such thoughtless actions. We know that words scar hearts forever. Insensitiveness is another evil we need to eradicate. The concern for a fellow human being’s feelings is one of the best qualities one can inculcate. It is one way to assure peace in this world. More than half of the world’s problems won’t even exist if we were sensitive to each other’s feeling. The darkness of self-centeredness should be removed from people’s hearts and minds to make the world a better place.

Engaging in selfless service brings salvation to one’s heart and eradicates the darkness that he has within himself. Most of the youth of this day have a misconception that morals are just conservative orthodox thoughts. We should, however, change that perception of our values and morals. Morality makes a human being a good human being. This darkness of immorality in people’s actions obstructs the peace of the society.

Darkness is always used to epitomize grief, hardships and evils. But we need to understand that there is always an end to a dark tunnel which opens up to bright, broad sunshine. Let us hope that this Diwali will kill the evils in all of us and brighten our lives.