Raksha Bandhan- It’s Time to Protect Our Environment Too

The bonds of love among human beings and the fragility in them give rise to a wide array of beliefs and rituals that are not only meant to commemorate certain special days of the year, but also make us remember that the truth and honesty that lie behind them carries a meaning much deeper than what mere mortals can comprehend, and that is the reason they are deemed as holy. 

The festival of Raksha Bandhan is one such festival, bound to celebrate the bond between a brother and a sister, in general, whether siblings, cousins or even those who share a close relation that emulates that of a brother-sister. The ritual exemplifies the worth and significance of sharing the same beat and blood of the womb and even goes beyond endowing such a relationship with a much deeper significance- a festival which brings together the feeling of a maternal pull and binds two entities to each other in a way much holier than any other. The occasion has origin to a  number of myths, the most famous one being the tale of Yamuna, the River Goddess praying for the safe return of her brother Yama, the Lord of Death after 12 long years of separation and then getting from him in return a promise for her safeguard and his return every year. 

Raksha Bandhan goes beyond a mere day, it is a reminder of those bonds that exist in our life that we often take for granted and forget to cherish, but they are often those that build the person from their foundations and are an integral part of what they are. One such bond that humans share with their environment is the prenatal bond we all have, one that is something that we are blessed with and die in- the inimitable bond that we share with our precious and loving Mother Nature.

Nature is truly our mother in a literal sense, she is the harbinger of a candour of human worth and blesses us with the best in every sphere that we could have, parents who give birth and nurture us and siblings who provide us with all we need and remind us from time to time of who we are and what we should be. Our environment is our home, in the lap of which we grow and evolve, acting just like a loving sibling would. The environment gives us warmth without asking for anything in return albeit deserving everything we have. 

Hence just like another sibling and another part of the whole, it is our duty to safeguard this pristine relationship that we have been blessed with, making it not only our purpose but also our goal. Just like a sister would send off her brother to challenge the wrath of the world and a brother who would strive to make himself and his sister able enough to stand on their feet, it is our very duty to ensure that we see to it that our bond with nature remains as pure as it can, and that the amiability of its true worth is reflected in every action of ours.

We must make nature our blood sharing half, for there is nothing that separates it from a human counterpart. Nature was and will always be of the highest importance and worth in a man’s life without whose existence life will be pointless. To save our dearest ones from exploitation, we go to the greatest lengths and see that justice is given to them at any cost..then why do we not do the same with nature? 

We must be the voice to our silent half, the half that has been born as our everlasting partner. Let us all pledge to safeguard this sibling of ours and ensure that on this Raksha Bandhan, our Rakhi of love is not missed by the part of us that makes us who we are, has been with us before birth and will stand with us even after we go. Let us take the oath to protect our animal friends who lend the beauty and bounty to the nature around and are an equally integral part of our lives. Let us pledge to act with responsibility towards what we should care for and preserve for our lifetime, for it is that one bond that we have received from the Almighty, and it is up to us as to how we nurture and save it for ourselves, for the future generations and for the blissful existence called Planet Earth.