The Lexicon Schools are a prestigious group of educational institutions in Pune set up with the noble cause of providing quality education and grooming students to achieve success in all spheres of life.


Lexicon, the word itself means dictionary and a dictionary of knowledge is what Lexicon gives its students everyday through the myriad activities that are conducted on a daily basis.


One of the best and most novel activities designed by the creative and innovative,      Dr. Monisha Sharma, Director of The Lexicon Schools is the class presentation coined Caterpillar to Butterfly. Lexicon aims to take in each little caterpillar that comes to their tree of learning and transform him/her into a beautiful colourful butterfly so that by the time he leaves Lexicon he is ready to spread his wings and fly freely like a beautiful butterfly.


Lexicon is also known for its top class innovative curriculum as was recognised by BBC Knowledge, a world renowned organisation that also judged Lexicon as being the Best Academic Institution.


Lexicon has a reputation for having high academic standards while simultaneously catering to the personal care of each of the students while developing their talents and personalities.


Lexicon believes that it is only progressive education that will empower students to live happy and fulfilling lives. At the same time it works on shaping young and impressionable minds by instilling traditional values and beliefs which is something very close to the heart of the Chairman of the Lexicon Group of Schools, Mr. S.D. Sharma.


Every Lexiconite is taught to Believe in Himself and this motto is imprinted on each students mind by uncovering his hidden potential, boosting his confidence and inspiring him to reach greater heights of excellence. And who better than the Trustees, Mr. Pankaj Sharma and Dr. Neeraj Sharma would teach this to our students not only through their words but by leading through example.


The Lexicon mission of developing the all-round personality of its students is met by the staff who make it their personal mission to train each student to the best of their ability thus enabling the students to become valued citizens of the world.


The pillar of strength of the school is the Additional Director, Mrs. Sunita Sharma whose eye for detail has led to the schools being rated as the top CBSE Schools in Pune.


In their march towards quality education, Lexicon makes sure that no stone is left unturned as quality education has no boundaries. Though Lexicon is just a decade old, it has created a name for itself in this short span of time. This is all due to the untiring efforts taken by the school Management who are innovators and share a zest for knowledge.


Lexicon stands out as a reputed educational institution and is growing to be one of the leading schools in Pune.


It is rightly said that “Education is the movement from darkness to light” and Lexicon strives each day to bring more students into the light.

Lexicon provides a stress-free environment and is a wonderful place for your kids to Learn, Grow, Innovate and Excel thus making it not only a good school but a great one.