Foraging for a good school in a new city can be one of the toughest jobs that haunts every parent who often find themselves sifting through long lists of top-notch schools to pick out on the best one for their child. If you are a baffled parent on the lookout for the best school in Pune city, you can narrow your search down to one of the top ranking CBSE schools in town- the Lexicon International School. Wondering what makes Lexicon the best school in Pune and why you should consider making it your child’s second home? Here’s a quick glimpse into an educational institute par excellence that nurtures and encourages every student to realize his / her potential to the lees through a seamless balance between academics and activities.

The Lexicon Schools, are the forerunner among the three Lexicon High Schools in the city- the other two being located at Hadapsar and Kalyani Nagar areas. Founded in the year 2006, the school boasts of catapulting the charts of top schools in the city by grabbing the much hankered-on position of the Best CBSE School in Pune Eastern Zone awarded by the Times School Surveyin two consecutive years through 2014-16.The school bagged the Best CBSE Schools Awards conferred by the head-honcho in the genre of Knowledge and Education- the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) for its innovative teaching methodologies, overall performance through the years, activity-based learning, exceptional exposure opportunities and myriad other parameters after a rigorous survey taken up by the robust Knowledge Team of the organization. What makes the school a coveted educational niche is its deep-rooted principles and beliefs which it seeks to foster and implement at every step. Keeping up to the school motto ‘Believe in Yourself’, in all its essence and spirit, the school consistently seeks to grow and hone, innovate and excel to reach the highest zeniths in the genre of education endeavoring to achieve a holistic, child -centric teaching-learning venture for the all-round development of the students.

Whether it is the well-accoutered infrastructure or the qualified teaching staff backed by the equally able Admin team, the school ensures to meet all your expectations of a holistic educational hub to the core. The two buildings dedicated to the Primary and Secondary sections along with the newly-constructed one accommodating the Junior College and much tempting Lexiteria, are well-equipped with an array of technical and educational infrastructural facilities.From the well-accoutered Computer labs and Smartboard classrooms to the three well-equipped science labs and the intriguing Math Lab, the school ensures that every aspect of an in-depth application-based educational programme is met. The renovated library invites children of all ages, and teachers alike to its cauldron of knowledge stacked on the shelves. Not to forget, the plush Seminar Hall and the fully air-conditioned Auditorium equipped with best acoustics, lights and seating arrangements which are used for showcasing myriad programmes held throughout the year.

Providing student-centric education forms the quintessential core which drives the school. Accordingly, the curriculum and teaching methodologies are developed immaculately with much care and perfection by connoisseurs in the various fields of study after a lot of deliberation and discussion so as to bring about optimum efficacy in the teaching-learning process. Drop in at the school on any working day and you will surely be impressed by the happy faces that play on the extensive grounds or are busy attending to lectures inside classrooms. What keeps students motivated here is the constant encouragement which goes a long wayto hone their key skills of learning comprising listening, speaking, reading and writing along with developing observational, analytical and management skills and imbue the spirit of learning through exploration and enquiry. Excelling is at the heart of Lexicon and this was evident through the Class 10 Board results of 2015-16 which witnessed as many as 7 students accounting to 20 percent of total number appearing for the exam bag the much-coveted 10 CGPA. The school average of 8.5 too superseded that of the overall CBSE average of 7.6.

When you see happy countenances frolicking in and out of the school, you can be assured of healthy children with enthusiasm and energy abound calling themselves proud Lexiconites. And this fact became evident when the school bagged the Dabur Chawanprash Best Immune School National Awardin 2016, wherein it beamed as one of the top schools in India with highest student BMIs indicating healthy bodies, minds and souls at play.

So what does the school do to ensure that it keeps up to parent expectations as the best school? Keeping up to its mission of excelling the school leaves no stones unturned to maintain its standards in every sphere of knowledge-whether curricular or co-curricular. From constantly upgrading and improving its various facets through intermittent internal and external audits to providing rigorous platforms to teachers to enhance their skills in the form of training workshops, the management ensures that the standards are maintained and bettered at each step.

The mission of proffering holistic education through student-centric teaching-learning methodologies is thus well reflected through the robust foundation that prepares each student to face the challenges of the world nonchalantly, while imbuing the right values, appropriate skills and desirable qualities which mould them to become responsible, conscientious, undaunted and successful citizens.

With such impeccable array of achievements and accolades, the zeal for improvement and staunch determination to accomplish the zeniths of education, Lexicon International School, Wagholi definitely deserves to be called the Best School in Pune.