All parents dream of giving their child the best education in the country. Then does academic performance alone decide the basis for a good school. No, the most important factor of a school is its curriculum, the backbone, which reflects the core values and the standard of excellence set by the school.


The Lexicon group of schools has been selected for having the best CBSE curriculum not only by the Times of India survey but also by BBC Knowledge. This makes Lexicon one of the top CBSE schools not only in Pune, but also in India.


The curriculum is an amalgamation of the syllabus prescribed by the board and the myriad activities conducted both inside and outside the classrooms.The curriculum is adjudged to be the best as it is framed around the Theory of Multiple Intelligences. The best part of the curriculum is that there are activities planned out for children possessing different types of intelligences. Each child is unique and learns to love and respect him/herself. The Lexicon School students are always encouraged to live by the Motto of the School, Believe in Yourself. This brings out the best in a child’s performance.


Another core area of emphasis is the inculcation of good values. As a famous philosopher once said, “When wealth is lost, nothing is lost, when health is lost, something is lost,when character is lost, everything is lost.” The school strives at all times to live by the principles laid down by our visionary Chairman Mr.S.D. Sharma Sir, to ensure that education of the highest level is imparted to the body, mind and soul of the child.


The next important factor that excellent schools offer is an academically challenging atmosphere. Here at the Lexicon school, the faculty and the students live by the principles of Stephen Covey from his book ‘The 7Habits of Highly Effective People’. The students are taught to think out of the box and imbibe knowledge in a fun filled manner. This kind of an atmosphere leads to effective learning as well as crisis management.


An excellent school goes out of the way to make the student teacher relation friendlier. The school believes that a happy learner is a fast learner. The teachers are meticulously recruited after a rigorous round of selections. The crème de la crème is screened and trained to tutor at Lexicon. The teachers are always motivated to put in their best and keep the child at the centre of the teaching learning process. The teachers act as second mothers to the little Einsteins under their care. This motherly affection teamed with the right amount of disciplining caters to the development of loving yet responsible future citizens.


Appreciation is the icing on the cake. What makes Lexicon a good school is the motivation given to every child of every age, be it a nursery toddler or a secondary scholar. Each child is given due credit for his/her achievements.


Most importantly the school works towards fostering a healthy relationship between the parents-school-students. This completes the circle of life for a student, if the child is happy and progressing and the parents are satisfied with the child’s progress then the school is definitely a leading school.


A feedback from the Lexicon parents adds a lot of positivity as to why Lexicon is among the leading schools of Pune.


With the best curriculum, top teachers and atmosphere The Lexicon group aims to groom successful leaders of future India.