“By education, I mean an all-round drawing out of the best in child and man in body, mind and spirit.” - Mahatma Gandhi


The holistic approach of The Lexicon Schools is creating a success story over the last ten years and now it standsout as the best schools in Pune. As educational institutions are the true seats of learning, The Lexicon Schools ensure that children receive the best and effective lessons that bring out their hidden abilities and talents.


Students who are anxious to learn, can develop healthy habits in school; so, The Lexicon Schools focus on teaching the right values through the Seven Habits put forward by Steven Covey. This acts as the building block of the right character and confidence in the students for their future life.


These top CBSE Schools also nurture the young minds with the help of different activities throughout the year. The curriculum is planned in such a way that it caters to the overall development, keeping in mind the individuality of each child. The curriculum is based on the theory of Multiple Intelligences by Dr. Howard Gardener. The Lexicon Schools believe that every child should be given equal importance and thus all the lesson plans are designed in such a way that it caters to all the levels of intelligences of a child. It is seen that the students develop responsibility, self-reliance and independence as they take an active role in shaping their own learning experiences as the outcome of these teaching methods.


The schools excel in providing the best curriculum. Since the schools lay great emphasis on ‘Learning by doing’, the activities are planned to encourage hands-on experiences for the students. Caterpillar to Butterfly is one of the activities that helps to showcase the talent of each child right from the little saplings of Nursery to the full-grown plants of Class V.


The atmosphere of the schools is wonderful where natural greenery encompasses the entire school building. All the students assemble on the playground each morning and begin the day invoking God’s blessings before they disperse to their respective class rooms.


Educators are also the creators of the future nation and these renowned schools have the strongest pillars in the form of creative and innovative teachers who follow the mantra of ‘I ASSENT’ which means that each one of them are Approachable, Student–centric, Secular, Empowered, Nurturing and Team-workers


Through their tireless efforts the teachers show positivity and encourage the students to do well in every way. The dedication of the teaching and non-teaching staff of The Lexicon School enriches the learning experiences of the children.


The schools celebrate all the important days of the year such as Sports Day, Teacher’s Day, Children’s Day, Awakening Day, Republic Day, Independence Day, Christmas, Women’s Day, the Annual Concert, New Year, Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday and many many more festivals and events in a grand manner.



The schools have many awards to their credit. They have also won many trophies in inter-school and intra school competitions as well as at District, State, National and International Level.


The schools try to implement a different approach to studies. Students in the schools are never forced to study just for the sake of it. Rather they are trained for a brighter future. Children have many fun sessions and practical learning sessions to understand subject concepts.


Co-curricular programmes and learning experiences complement what the students are learning in school. These are experiences that are connected to and mirror the academic curriculum.


The Lexicon Schools encourage the children to take part in such activities that will enhance their thinking skills, creativity and confidence. It gives them the opportunity to develop particular skills and show their non-academic abilities. These activities mostly focused upon cognitive aspects of development thus enhancing their intellectual development as well.


Apart from all this the school also has an online magazine named Buzz@Lexicon which is sent home to the parents once a month showcasing the various activities that a child performs during that month. It is an online magazine which the parents can easily view anytime and anywhere.These activities are a very important part and parcel of The Lexicon Schools which help to develop student’s personality as well as to strengthen the classroom learning.


The Lexicon Schools are headed by a dynamic Director who sees to the every need of the schools. The various amazing aspects of the schools can be concluded in the lines of the school song penned by the managing trustee Mr. Pankaj Sharma,“Oh Lexicon School, the Best School of all.”